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Editor's Pick
Your Garden - Growing from Seed

With all the plants available on the market these days, both from garden centres and mail order, you might wonder why anyone would bother to grow from seed. There are a few answers to this one but some of the basic ones are:

  • Personal satisfaction - there’s nothing quite like seeing a garden full of plants that you grew yourself from a tiny seed.

About Hummingbirds and How to Attract Them to Your Garden
Visualize watching a bright green hummingbird in your garden moving from flower to flower in search of the tasty nectar within. These beautiful and tiny birds weigh about 2 to 20 grams and are found in a wide variety of environments from the high Andes to lowlands, and from dry desert areas to rainforests. They have slender beaks, extensible tongues, ten primary feathers, and tiny feet suitable for perching but not walking.

Mix Perennials into Your Garden

Perennial plants and flowers stay around for more than just one gardening season. Some of them bloom again for only about 3 years, while others will continue to bloom for many years to come.

Tuberous Begonias
If you appreciate plants that have no hesitation in boldly stating their presence with huge, almost artificially perfect flowers, then tuberous begonias are for you.
Which of the Hundreds of Tomato Varieties Should I Plant?

Tomatoes are such a staple in the modern diet that it is hard to believe there was a time when this versatile fruit was once thought to be poisonous. Thankfully this member of the nightshade family has been known for centuries now to be a delicious and healthful addition to our diet and is now one of the most popular garden vegetables.

Perennial Garden Basics
Perennials are any plants which live for more than two seasons and produce stems which die back to the ground each fall. They’re at the heart of most flower gardens and offer wide ranging benefits to the landscape gardener.
Early Spring Garden Guide: What To Do In The Yard And Garden Now
Can't wait to get back to the garden? Use this handy spring garden guide to get started. Believe it or not, the key is avoid getting too impatient and doing certain jobs too soon.
Houseplant Care and Gardening Indoors

Gardening indoors includes houseplants and plants that are just indoors for the winter.The heat and light indoors calls for special care of your houseplants and over wintering of tender garden plants. There are other problems which need consideration including salt build-up, humidity, drafts, pests, how you water your plants and what to do if they get pot bound.

Indoor Gardening With Foliage Plants
Plants grown primarily for their leaf characteristics and utilized for interior decoration or landscape purposes are called foliage plants. As our society becomes more urban, living plants as part of the interior landscape increases.